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  • Talent strategy is the prerequisite and important guarantee for the implementation of national strategy. Trimax adhere to the "talent resource is the first resource of the enterprise" concept, innovative talents cultivation and introduction, focus on building a compatible with international strategy development, and appropriate, reasonable hierarchical structure, professional structure supporting the internationalization of talent team, will develop the backbone of its into internationalization strategy, to ensure the smooth realization of the goal the internationalization strategy.

    • Management team with both moral and talent

    • Unite a harmonious team

    • High quality and high skill team

    The construction of the talent system follows the principle of "twelve characters" : attracting, retaining, educating and using well

    • Drew into

      Enterprises should optimize the hardware and software conditions to ensure that talent can be brought in, without any obstacles.

    • To retain

      We should have full confidence in the introduction of talents, give full play to the stage and humanistic care, and ensure their integration into Trimax and play a role.

    • To cultivate

      It is necessary to build a training mechanism and model for the generation of talents and the subsequent generation of people around the goal of building a stronger team.

    • With a good

      With a good talent to do a good job, use their strengths, avoid their weaknesses, do not ask for all expensive equipment.

    • position
      Working place
      Job requirements

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