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    • Partner
      Join hands with partners to create a new situation of win-win development

    • Environment
      Join hands with the environment to build a green ecological civilization

    • Economic
      Join hands with shareholders to create the best corporate value

    • Customer
      Join hands with customers, win satisfaction and trust with heart

    • Public
      Join hands with the public to promote harmonious social development

    • Employees
      Join hands with employees to ensure a happy working life

    Since its establishment, Trimax has always been operating in accordance with the law and in good faith.While paying attention to their own development, they have also given back to the society. They have set up a volunteer team for caring for left-behind children, helping disaster areas and caring for the elderly.

    Trimax inheritance group of excellent genes, in "take heart as this, fairness and justice, compatible with innovation, excellence" the spirit of the guidance, to carry forward the humanitarian spirit, carry forward the truth, charity culture for the purpose, positive social responsibility, with loving people from all walks of life to participate in public welfare charity, work together for a big love China.

    Trimax will start from the point of view, let love spread, walk with love, and carry out its social mission and responsibilities as corporate citizens with practical actions. With steady steps, the country will forge ahead on the path of public welfare.

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