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    • 2018

      Introduce professional lean production consulting team for comprehensive improvement, optimize enterprise operation mode and improve efficiency. Expand the investment development in multiple fields, invest in education training field, and set up the education training institution of uke nationwide.

    • 2017

      Won the 'fine management demonstration enterprise', 'advanced import and export trade enterprises' 'advanced enterprise of international economy and trade' 'annual outstanding enterprise' and other honors

    • 2016

      Has been rated 'High and new technology enterprise of zhejiang province','Industrial design center','6S management top ten enterprises'

    • 2014

      Founded independently in high-end women's clothing brand, into the exploration in the field of sale in domestic market, at the same time won the 'zhejiang export famous brand', 'advanced enterprise of import and export trade,' 'tax contribution per unit area of advanced enterprise' and other honors, the export business continued to grow

    • 2013

      Companies of foreign trade exports topped $60 million, in the development process, and left behind a dense

    • 2012

      Import and export trade company named 'advanced enterprise', 'tax contribution per unit area of advanced enterprise' and other honors, has been developing rapidly

    • 2010

      Company probity 'huzhou export famous brand', 'Wu Xing area foreign trade exports advanced enterprises', marks the development of Trimax.

    • 2008

      The company moved to new factory. The new factory is located in the Huanzhu industrial park, first-class facilities, first-class management, to lay a solid foundation for future development

    • 2006

      Breaking ground on the new plant marks a new development for the Trimax

    • 2004

      Creation of Huzhou Trimax International trade co., LTD

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